OTONANA TRIO, named in broken Japanese, which might translate as "Three Grown-ups", or "Trio de Adults", is a three piece rock band formed by a guitarist, Kentaro Saito, ex member of Dynamite Club, Naoya Miyara, who performs with The Cavemans and many other, and Goshi Miura, who is one of the most active and hardest working bassist in Japanese local music scene.


Kentaro Saito, 38, have some experience goes along with his age. Asides from the 15 year career as a Guitar Instructor, with his former band Dynamite Club, he run around kung-fu fighting on the stage with his butt hanging out from his tidy whity for a decade, performing on many soils including, more than dozen states in U.S, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, and Germany. They played number of shows everywhere, sometimes in local club, sometimes in someone's living room, and sometimes in big festivals, while spending most of the nights sleeping on the floor of lovely accepting people's house, who has been a friend for couple hours by then.


His performance with Dynamite Club was an energetic one and people liked it. However, there were some people who were obviously bothered by it. One time, a Taiwanese TV station decided to put some blur around his clutch area making it look like nothing was worn, and showed its clip on a morning news as "The highlight of the music festival you never want to allow your children to go to." Yes, some shows were pretty crazy, I have to admit. Some people thought he was nuts, some people thought he was just an ass, or even an asshole, but the same time, some people thought he was genius, even a philosopher. Well, everybody is entitle to their opinions. But, if there is one thing, which could be agreed by many, was that showing his asshole was never his intention, though he sometimes failed to live up with his intention.   


We can see his music evolving and having fresh energy in OTONANA TRIO's new recording, "Stories at the Homerun Office", as he got together with some of the best musicians in Japan. 

But the question is; Could Kentaro still act like he used on the stage? Does he still get out of control in a show? or did he get older and mellower?


The answer of which has been cleared by now that OTONANA TRIO tours around in U.S with "Japanese Pöwer Delite 2012", 10 day tour in east coast U.S, with three Japanese bands, from October 4th to October 13th 2012.

However, for those who missed it, "Z fest in SXSW" might be one of the time.