With all the help from the family members of Dynamite Club' era, the idea of bringing OTONANA TRIO to the States was made possible with success. When the Japanese Power Delight Music Fest 2012 took place on October 2012, OTONANA TRIO found such a positive support from the South East U.S. and start thinking..."Maybe we can built something from here...." While it could be agreed that they maybe dreaming with the PBR they had been drinking more than they should have, the sales of their merchandise, along with the amount of shots given, were enough for Kentaro to get confident.  


At December 2012, OTONANA TRIO has decided to circuit around High School campuses in California. Some of those High School students liked OTONANA TRIO from Japan, but what was notable was that some XXXking loved OTONANA TRIO! OTONANA TRIO remembers the time when hundreds of the kids came up to the stage and took picture while Kentaro thought it was OK for him to take off his shirt, being interviewed, given welcome flag, talking at the Japanese club, and being loved.  


Those love made OTONANA TRIO do another U.S tour in Feb/March 2013. Mainly going around Texas by the help of Dead Foxx Family, OTONANA TRIO realized it is a big family that they are trying to be a part of. Those "family" ideas were made firmer, when they received overwhelmingly warm welcome by those visiting-for-second-time places in the South East U.S. By the time they played at the Peelander Fest, with help from Kentaro's brother Yellow, in SXSW, OTONANA TRIO had a new goal, introducing the best of Tokyo to the family members. But, how can they do that? Well, OTONANA TRIO knows that it is impossible to cover them all, but they know where to start, the ramen.  


With the new recording called "The Ramen War", OTONANA TRIO will take on another tour in U.S on Sep/Oct 2013.