Say a little prayer for the ramen king

The Ramen was born as a result of Japanese people liking too much of the Chinese food.


Do never get me wrong as the ramen is the Japanese food at this point. 

The point is that the ramen is Chinese born Japanese food according to the history.


OTONANA TRIO call their music “J-Pop”, as they are not capable of following an western music category or the other while they love and get influenced by various kind of western music.


OTONANA TRIO call their music “J-Pop”, because, as much as they try to make it sound like existing genre of western music, it ended up sounding very Japanese.


OTONANA TRIO call their music because they are proud of being Japanese native.


Yes. You can hear the enough Blues and Jazz influence to please audience in the southern territories in the United States in the guitar work of Kentaro Saito, who attended music program in an American university. 


Yes. Kazuhisa “Ushirokara” Maekawa’s bass work is way too funky to cal it “J-pop”.


But, guess what? Hikari Kuroda’s drums are undeniably “J-pop” as she is the recording force of the “J-pop” today.


With the “Japanese” twisted use of English in its lyrics, OTONANA TRIO will certainly bring the “Original music work”. 




“Ramen war”.


Say it.

Say a little prayer for the Ramen King.

Summer 2014

Previous Drummer Naoya Miyara was forced to go back to the cave as he always was a caveman.


So, OTONANA TRIO get a new drummer on Hikari "I am happy" Kuroda. Despite of those male-female argument, she has proved herself as better replacement music wise, but the only English word she could say was "I am happy”.  


In the meanwhile, the crazy slapping bass player, (yes, that guy) Kaz Maekawa has gotten better on English as he realised that whatever people says, all he has to say was "Thank you”. Man, it's all good.


You see, touring in the U.S was actually teaching them some language.

But it was not the only thing they learned. 

They learned that the song "The Ramen War" was a hit.

They also learned the Japanese idol group “Say a little prayer” was it.


So now, they decided to record another version of the song “The Ramen War” , in spite of the fact that they already have “The Ramen War” and “The Ramen War II” already released.

The song will be called “The Ramen War III”.

And the new album will be called “Say a little prayer for the Ramen King”.


Wait, isn’t this little too confusing?

Won’t you get fat by eating so mach ramen?

Who is the Ramen King?

What’s up with the album cover looking awfully like the british rock band from 70’s?


Well, one thing can be said is, you have to be imagining something wild or pretty high to find all those answers.


Just relax. The life awsome anyways. 

FEB 2014

So, the big 50 day tour is over....

As soon as OTONANA TRIO goes back to Japan....

Kentaro decides to gain 20 pounds.....

Naoya decides to get bolder.....

Now that Goshi gone mad, he is gone from the band......

But, like Freddy said once upon the time, the show must go on.....

btw, the song has such a great video.....

OTONANA TRIO will be back touring in Feb/March 2014!!!

Come and find out what happened with them!

Come on! click here for the tour schedule! Please!!!

Has Kentaro really got fat? or is he lying? Or maybe he really got 20 pounds within a few week after the tour and then lost some in the course of a few month?

How does Naoya look now?

Who is the bass player now?

The rumor has it that the new bass player has the whammy bar attached to his bass.....really???? Have you seen the Otokojyuku? YES!!!! Otokojyuku is the School in Japan that raise real gentleman. Why do we have to sit inside the huge china wok on fire, filled with oil, until the candle inside burns out? What? What are you talking about?

There are only one way to find out answers for all those question in life.....GO TO OTONANA TRIO's show!

There are no other way.