So, one day, the leader of the country treats another leader the ramen.

It was big deal because it was involving political issue of some kind. It was covered live all over by media, signing of the peace for the countries.

But the way they eat the ramen was inappropriate, spilling the soup all over, which eventually led to the

Ramen War Ramen War

If you think about it, they should have known it better. Because the leader lady never had a ramen before.

Plus, making someone use a pair of chopsticks when the parson is completely foreign to it, is almost

a criminal act, It is a criminal act, especially in the front of the media.

But, they were still cool, they are still in peace, having to accept foreign culture, so they were like

Ramen now Ramen now

So, anyway, that was cool and peaceful. Therefore, we, Japan, somewhat decided

that the very next day everyone to eat a ramen at lunch, having some ramen party.

But the problem was the kids in the school. Somewhat learned spill them, just like those leader ladies.

This was enough for some of those parents to form the anti ramen society. So they say

Ramen out ramen out

So, the anti ramen society got bigger and successful, giving the ramen a bad name.

The ramen cause ADD, the ramen cause the cancer. The ramen is the poison. The ramen is just bad.

The evil makes ramen, the evil eats ramen, the evil is the ramen, the ramen should be out.

Here comes the ramen lovers, here comes the ramen heros, here comes the ramen justice, they just had to start this thing called...

Ramen war